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The Benefits of a Boutique Personal Injury Firm

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The Benefits of a Boutique Personal Injury Firm

Prior to hiring us many of our clients have asked us the same or a similar question…something along the lines of “Why should I go with your firm over one of those guys on TV, or on those highway billboards?”

The answer is simple.  In those huge firms with hundreds of lawyers and staff, the client often ceases to be an individual and instead becomes just a faceless claim number or a “File ID” designation code.  The larger the firm, the more expendable the client becomes.  The more expendable the client becomes, the less care and attention is given to them.  Of course that handful of clients with catastrophic injuries in claims against “deep-pocket” defendants will be given preferential treatment simply because their cases have the highest dollar value.  The vast majority of the remaining clients, those with nonetheless significant injury, but perhaps in a claim against a person or business with a bit less insurance coverage, tend to be treated differently.  Those clients’ cases instead often get assigned to unproven lawyers, fresh out of law school, with little to no real civil litigation experience.  This is not, and never will be, the case with Colgan Dominelli Law.  Every client of ours is treated equally and with the dignity and respect that they deserve.  We will always be honest and open with our clients and do not “sugar coat” our evaluations of the merit, or lack thereof, of a particular claim.  Legal questions will always be answered by actual lawyers, not paralegals or “case managers” as they’ve come to be known in the personal injury practice.  Such questions or other concerns will be fielded by an attorney with real-world, on the ground, experience.  That experience has been earned by years in the trenches of the often treacherous world of civil litigation.  With Colgan Dominelli Law our attorneys have honed their litigation skills by representing, and working in direct conjunction with, actual insurance companies.  Working with insurance adjusters and claims department managers has thoroughly educated us as to their strategies, as well as their fears.  This knowledge is absolutely invaluable when it comes to representing the injured in a personal injury claim.

We will strive to be your “lawyers for life”, always available to answer any legal questions that you may have to the best of our ability.

In sum, at Colgan Dominelli Law you will get a much more client-centered culture, whereby any lawyer in the office at the time when you call will be able to review your file and address your question competently.  You’ll never be sent to a non-lawyer case manager who is trained to simply pacify you without ever actually answering your question in any substantive manner.  Within a couple of months you will be on a first name basis with the entirety of our firm, both support staff and attorneys.  And by the close of your case, we will have established a long-lasting relationship of both trust and confidence.  We will strive to be your “lawyers for life”, always available to answer any legal questions that you may have to the best of our ability.  And if we can’t competently and honestly answer your question, rest assured that we will refer you to another lawyer with the proper expertise required who has already earned our trust over the years.




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